Clearbox Solutions is an engineering consulting and contracting company that brings value to a diverse customer base.  Our path to adding value to your organization is based on our key strengths:

  • Multi-disciplinary technical competency - All projects are approached with a big picture perspective.  Our technical competencies in all of the engineering disciplines as well as real world business experience allows us to immediately tackle any engineering challenge.
  • System modeling and simulation - system models, whether they are physics based, statistical, or financial models, are invaluable to understand, improve, and expedite engineering projects.
  • Data analysis - It has become common place and easy to collect huge amounts of data.  On the other hand, making sense of and finding value in data is much more difficult.  We are experienced in making huge data sets accessible and valuable.  
  • Hands on engineering - We are not just desk jockey engineers! We aren't afraid to get our hands dirty!  We build prototype devices, conduct on-site testing, perform device or process failure analysis, and much more.

Each of these strengths are synergistic with each other.  Technical competency is the foundation; data analysis feedbacks and validates models and inspires hands on experiments.


Even the best of engineers can fall prey to the "trial and error" method when faced with a problem.  All too often we are in a rush to get results and we start making adjustments to the "black box," which in turn seem to affect results.  Clearbox Solutions' name comes from the concept of digging deeper into that black box for the next level of understanding.

 The quickest path to a solution is changing the blackbox problem or process into a clearbox and understanding the details of what is going on inside.